Sometimes I wish I was different
And that my head ain’t such a mess
Sometimes I dream of redemption
And that my life ain’t just a guess

I wish I’d fly over the rainbow
In red, yellow, crimson and green
Leaving behind me pain and sorrow
To live the life it should have been

Deep in the woods birds are chirping
A mellow song that ain’t for me
High in the sky, vultures talking
About a man who can not see

As he walks by the empty roads
The scent of doubt burns in his brain
While the world silently explodes
He’s trying to wipe off the stain

The wise man knows he’s been broken
When the ocean calls upon him
The fool pretends he’s forgotten
And thinks he’s smart 'cause he can swim

He goes at night in silver cities
Drinking fine wines and talking loud
He says: "We ain’t that bunch of hippies
And that’s why we may be so proud"

The taste of blood soaking his lips
When he recalls her secret name
The holy refuge of her hips
Vanishes like a dying flame

There is no place his heart can rest
There is no beat that it won't miss
The Reaper stands in his footsteps
As time itself begs for a kiss

There is no way you cheat the Devil
There is no chance you trick Old Nick
He’ll hold your dices throughout the revel
And he’ll throw them on your last tick

This is the way the orbs are turning
This is the way you leave the ball
It’s Bermuda Triangle calling
For all drowned souls to face the squall

As high the doves may praise your graces
The crows will drag you down below
You see, my friend, in every cases
This is the way the sky must fall